[Free Training] How To Supplement Your Income During Your Kids' Nap Time
With A Part Time Coaching Business
If you are a mom who is ready to create a deeper level of fulfillment and supplemental income through launching your own home based coaching business, this training is for you!
After These 5 Days You Will Learn...
  •  Why now is the perfect time to put fear to the side and take the leap of faith on your dreams of financial independence working from home
  •  How to to uncover the skills and abilities you already have that completely qualify you to start making money as a coach now
  •  How to identify your ideal client and what motivates them so you can speak to them easily and help them solve their big problem
  •  How to define your niche market and discover where your ideal clients already are so you can build your community and business fast
  •  How to develop your signature program and offering so you can speak and sell your services with confidence
Launch Your Coaching Biz
What others are saying...
Summer Peterson
Summer Peterson
Fat Loss Expert at Body Soul Shine 
"I've had a vision that I wanted to be a life coach but I'm a mom I have a two and five year old and I just didn't think I could do it but I was fortunate enough to get hooked up with Sacha Sterling. She really believed in me and gave me what I needed to be able to believe in myself. I haven't had to hire a nanny, I'm able to do it. I'm able to be a health and weight loss coach to help other women while still being a full time stay at home mom. It's just been incredibly fulfilling. I was getting bored as a full time stay at home mom, I needed something that fulfilled me. I can do it part time and help other women, help myself, help my family, and still be a mom. I love it!"
Christine O'Brian
Christine O’Brian
Founder of Joyful Home, Joyful Life
Well I was super inspired by her 5 day challenge and really excited about the work. It was actually the "Retire your Husband" that was like YES I want to do that! That sounds amazing! I kind of held back, I have a friend who's in the program and watched what was happening for her and just got lit up because she's lit up and I want to be there too. So I was inspired to see Sacha's work is working with my friend and I want that for myself as well... it's totally blowing my mind. I'm getting super clear, my confidence is way higher. I feel like YES I can rock this and it's going to happen for me thanks to Sacha's leadership, support and just being herself so that I can be myself"
Natalie Stilwell
Natalie Stilwell
Family Mentor at So Goes The Future
"Starting out I was really nervous about putting myself out there and being visible but it helped to hear other people's stories. Learning how to love myself better and not be afraid to be seen and heard because I have something to share and I want to help other people...Next to the strategies she gives us for making a coaching business a reality that has been the most benefit I've gotten."
Sara Woll
Sara Woll
Wellness Coach at The Magic of Self Care
I had a friend ask me if I had ever thought about coaching but I said "no, no coaching is for people who already have it all figured out" The second time I heard that was in a phone call with Sacha but this time I really listened when she started to speak about how we all have something to offer each other and how accountability and support really bring results for us. I was putting myself out there but there was no traction so I made the jump and decided to work with Sacha and I've been so pleased!
About Sacha
Sacha Sterling is a Mom Mentor supporting women looking to create a deeper level of fulfillment and supplemental income through launching their own home based coaching business. As a mother to 2 young children, a wife, an entrepreneur and advisor, Sacha knows firsthand how to support women and mothers as they maneuver through life’s challenges to come out stronger, happier and more successful than ever! Sacha has coached hundreds worldwide to stop the destructive habit of just surviving and create thriving home and business lives.
 Are you ready to learn how to supplement your income during your kids' naptime? If so, come join us...it's totally free!