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(even if you Don't know what your business is yet!)
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Thursday, March 14th and Friday, March 15th

@ 10:00am - 4:00pm
step into a life of purpose and fulfillment everyday!

Let sacha Sterling SHow You how!
This Elite VIP Training is Limited so Act Now! 

**You do not need an online business already established to attend - a business idea is more than enough**
What You Will Learn At This FREE 2 Day Live Event In San Francisco, California:
Step 1: Gain 100% Clarity On Your Vision For Your Business And Life
At the live event Sacha will guide you to discover, in detail, what YOU really want (separate from your roles and responsibilities as mom and wife) to guarantee your business is as emotionally fulfilling as possible. Discover what is motivating you and open up to new possibilities through launching and scaling your own online business. 
Step 2: Create Your Customized Business Roadmap
Next we will customize your specific business plan to ensure you achieve successful results by applying simple yet relevant marketing strategies that work in todays fast changing world. Sacha is known for simplifying complex business ideas so they are easily digestible and applicable to your industry. We will reverse engineer the route of your vision with a step by step process you can follow when you get home. 
Step 3: Make Time For Your Growth With Year At A Glance Calendar Planning
You can be a present Mom and grow your own online business! Sacha's time management success systems include year at a glance calendar planning, pre-creating content and chunking your time strategically to name a few. Get ready to be wowed with no cost outsourcing resources and insider secrets! Go home with everything you need to implement what you've learned and developed with ease!
This Elite VIP Training is Limited so Act Now! 

**You do not need an online business already established to attend - a business idea is more than enough**
Meet Your Host:
Sacha Sterling is a Business Coach for driven women committed to creating income and impact online while also having a fulfilling life! Through her programs, she supports people in creating financial independence, time freedom, and emotional fulfillment through launching and scaling their own home-based online businesses. As a mother to 2 daughters, a wife, an entrepreneur and advisor, Sacha knows firsthand how to support women, mothers and families as they maneuver through life’s challenges to come out stronger, happier and more successful than ever! Sacha Sterling is the Founder of You Matter: A Free Business Mentoring Program serving people worldwide to stop the destructive habit of just surviving and create thriving home and business lives. She is also the best selling author The Life Coaching Business Model: How to Launch a Successful Online Business From Home.

Thriving Women in Business Center
3115 Clement St, San Francisco, CA 94121
What Others Are Saying:
“Sacha has shown me in concrete steps how I can market myself and attract my ideal clients so I’m not out spinning my wheels. I was making money immediately after working with her.” Megan Torres
“Sacha gave me the confidence to believe in myself. When I first met Sacha I had 1 client. After signing up with Sacha and being part of her world, my business really exploded. I tripled my income just by following the plan and taking action.” Penny Norkett
“Sacha gave me a business strategy that moves my business and life forward. She met me exactly where I was. Today, I have a successful coaching business, I have clients, and I have my yearly plan all mapped out that keeps me growing. I am so incredibly grateful and thankful for the guidance and support she has given me.” – Jessica Drewek
“Sacha was really able to help me to connect with who I was, what I stood for, and the message I wanted to give to the world. With that clarity, passion and purpose, and being able to connect to that. You finally see what is possible for your life and how you can actually make an impact in the world.” Jennifer Roopenian
“Sacha is a master at identifying your strengths, what you bring to the table, and how you can use your life experiences to make a business out of it. She has powerfully shown that it doesn’t matter what I’ve been through in life but that I can use my story and make a difference out of it.” Julia Andrews
“Sacha helped me walk my inner talk and start creating a life that worked for me and my family.” Kristina Wolf
This Elite VIP Training is Limited so Act Now! 

**You do not need an online business already established to attend - a business idea is more than enough**
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